COVID-19 Safety

Dear Beechnut Dental Care Patients,

This past year has tested all of us, and we are all very excited to put it behind us. Although we are very encouraged by the progress our country has made in reducing infection rates and distributing vaccines, there’s still a long road ahead, and we must continue to be vigilant.

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Beechnut Dental Care has and will always make your health our top priority. We are healthcare professionals first and foremost, and as such, we aim to bring you our signature high-quality dental care in a safe and healthy environment.

Accordingly, our team has implemented a series of safety protocols that abide by recommendations outlined by the Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association. We have also implemented several additional guidelines unique to our practice to reinforce our safety procedures and minimize any risk to our patients.

How Are We Keeping You Safe? 

The following is a list of our practice guidelines.

General Considerations

  • We ask that if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms before or after your visit, you inform us right away to ensure we take the appropriate steps to protect the rest of our patients.
  • We will only allow patients being treated in the office. NO VISITORS OR COMPANIONS will be permitted unless they are a parent or guardian accompanying a minor – in this scenario, only one parent or guardian will be allowed with the child.
  • Our practice will be limiting the number of people in the office at any one time. We ask that you please wait in your car, and we will call you in when we are ready to see you. The goal here is to maintain social distancing guidelines as often as possible.

Before Your Appointment

  • To protect the safety of our patients and staff, we will ask you a few health-related questions before your visit to determine if you are experiencing any symptoms.
  • Please refrain from bringing companions to your visit unless you need a driver or guardian.
  • We will be thoroughly sanitizing the office before and after every patient to minimize the risk of infection.
  • We require every patient to wear a face-covering while in the office and until you receive treatment.

During Your Appointment

  • A member of our staff will take your temperature and may repeat the health questions asked before your appointment.
  • Items like toys or magazines may be removed from the waiting room.
  • Our team will wear additional protective equipment, including face masks, plastic face shields, goggles, and surgical gowns.

During Your Appointment

  • If you start to experience symptoms of COVID-19 within two days of your appointment, call to alert the office staff so those who came into contact with you may be tested.

Do I Need Endodontic Treatment?

Historically, a tooth with a diseased nerve would be removed immediately, but endodontists are now able to save the natural tooth in most cases. Generally, extracting the inner tooth structures, then sealing the resulting gap with a crown restores health and functionality to damaged teeth. Signs and symptoms of endodontic problems include:

  • Inflammation and tenderness in the gums.
  • Teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold foods.
  • Tenderness when chewing and biting.
  • Tooth discoloration.
  • Unexplained pain in the nearby lymph nodes.

Our team would like to thank you all for your patience and cooperation. We understand that some of these processes might feel a little inconvenient, but we assure you that they are intended to protect your health.

We will continue to monitor developments and news from our state, local, and federal authorities in the coming months. As we receive new information, we will continue to adapt and shape our procedures.

Much like you, we also look forward to this odd chapter being well behind us. In the interim, we are excited to continue enhancing your oral health and giving you a beautiful smile you’ll love to share with the world.

We can’t wait to see you in our office!

The Beechnut Dental Care Team

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