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At Beechnut Dental Care, we practice our craft for the love of dentistry and the joy of giving our patients healthy, beautiful smiles they’ll love to share. As far as we are concerned, the more people we can make fall in love with their smile, the better a job we are doing. For that reason, we strive to make dental care affordable to everyone because money should not be a barrier between you and the smile of your dreams.

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We are happy to accept most major insurers and credit cards. We are also proud to offer budget-friendly financing options and an in-house plan designed to cover all your dental health needs at a reasonable price.

Dental Financing


CareCredit is one of North America’s leading providers of healthcare financing, offering low monthly payments for a wide range of dental services. As a first-time user of CareCredit, you can also take advantage of their promotional enrollment periods with zero interest, anywhere from six to 24 months, depending on your status. Signing up is easy, just click here to get started!


Smile Now, Pay Over Time

Sunbit is another leader in dental care financing. With a seamless and tech-forward approach to financing, they can help you buy what you need without stress. Choose from 3, 6, or 12-month flexible payment plans (6-72-month plans available for Dental Care.)

  • 85% of dental patients approved
  • No late fees or application fees for patients.
  • Get paid right away with funds deposited to you promptly

No awkward conversations. No hassle at the time of payment. Just more great experiences for everyone.

  • Down payment required
  • APR ranges from 0% to 35.99% (Rates & Terms)
  • Different APR ranges apply for NY, MD, MA and CO residents
  • No application, origination, account opening, pre-payment penalty, or late fees
  • Financing offered is made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc. dba TAB Bank
  • Must be 18 + years of age
  • Financing is subject to approval, based on creditworthiness, state of residence, your prior history with the products offered using Sunbit technology and merchant location

Loans from $50 to $20,000. Rates from 0% to 35.99% APR. True no-interest 6- and 12-month plans for well-qualified customers. 18-, 24-, 36-, 48-, 60-, and 72-month plans are also available with interest. Down payment required. Only the most creditworthy applicants qualify for the lowest rates, largest loan amounts, and longest terms. No late fees or application fees.

Our In-House Plans

Introducing the Beechnut Dental Plan

No Insurance? We Have You Covered!  

The Beechnut Plan is a membership-based dental savings plan that provides the quality care you deserve at a price you can afford.

Members pay an annual fee to receive regular exams, cleanings and X-rays along with access to significantly reduced rates on all other restorative and cosmetic dental procedures performed in our office. Plus, the plan offers many benefits including no annual caps, no limits, and no waiting periods. This provides for quick access to the care you need!

The Beechnut Plan helps to reduce overall dental costs for members. This ensures that they have access to top quality dental care when they need it. Thanks to the Beechnut Plan, the quality care you deserve is now available at a bigger savings than you ever imagined possible.

In-House Beechnut Plan

Why Membership Makes Sense

Beechnut Plan

No Insurance

Traditional Insurance

Annual Exams



Deductible Required

annual cleanings



Deductible Required

annual X-rays



Limited Per Year




Coverage Varies

Emergency visit



Coverage Varies

denied coverage




treatment discount




annual cost





  • No Waiting periods (immediate eligibility)
  • No Pre-existing condition limitations
  • No Pre-authorization requirements
  • No Yearly maximums

The Beechnut Plan is Perfect For

  • Retired Seniors
  • Uninsured Employees
  • Contract or Freelance Employees Families
  • Small Business Owners


  • Child Plan: Up to 2 Exams, Routine Cleanings, 2 Flouride Treatments, and Necessary X-rays
  • Adult Plan: Up to 2 Exams, Routine Cleanings, 2 Flouride Treatments, and Necessary X-rays
  • Perio Plan: Up to 4 Perio Maintenance Cleanings, 2 Exams, Necessary X-rays
  • 1 Emergency Care Visit: Exam and Necessary X-rays
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • 1 Cosmetic Consultation
  • $500 Off Clear Aligner Orthodontics
  • $200 Off Occlusal Guards
  • Whitening Kit - Only $75
  • 20% Discount on All Other Dental Treatment




$299 Annually

$349 Annually

$649 Annually

Or $28/Mo

Or $33/Mo

Or $ 59/Mo

Program Details

For complete details, see full plan terms and conditions on our website. Child plan is intended for ages 13 and younger. If periodontal infection is present, the member may be required to upgrade to the Perio plan. If monthly payments are chosen, a one-time enrollment fee of $99 will be added to each membership.

$99  New Patient Special!

Our New Patient Special Includes: 

  • Comprehensive Dental Exam 
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Routine Dental Cleaning 
  • FREE Invisalign®, Implant, or Cosmetic Consultation

No Insurance? We have you covered!

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